Jamat-e-Islami chief Sirajhul Haq had a telephonic conversation with Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, regarding negotiations with the PTI over the on going conflict.

Sirajul Haq is a respected politician, who is trying to defuse the situation between PTI and PML(N). The JI chief met with Imran Khan at his residence to discuss the matter and later called CM Shahbaz Sharif to update him on the matter. He stated that he is trying is best to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties. Also, he wants the PML(N) government to give Imran Khan a free-hand, and should stop any efforts to stop the Azadi March.

Shahbaz suggested that the PTI leadership would agree if a recount is opened for 10 constituencies, along with the formation of the Judicial Commission. However, Sirajul Haq claimed that some die-hard PTI supporters in the top leadership want nothing less that a resignation from the Prime Minister.

Sources added that Sirajul Haq has promised Shahbaz that he will play his role of the arbitrator on the day of the long march and will meet with all opposition parties to find a plausible solution.