Minister of Defence, Khawaja Asif, believes that the army will play no role in politics of the country, given the current situation of the state. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf along with Pakistani Awami Tehreek have launched a nationwide protest over the alleged rigging in the 2013 elections.


Both plan to overthrow the government, asking for the Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to resign and want fresh elections, which should be free and fair.

Khawaja Asif claimed that he doesn’t “see any possibility of a military intervention”. He made this statement while giving an interview to Bloomberg News in New York. The minister claimed that his party still has 4 years to go and have an agenda to complete. He added that the KSE 100 Index has increased by 12 % this year. Also, OGDCL, which is the biggest company by share value, showed the most increase over the past 3 weeks.

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif made an address to the nation, in which is requested the Chief Justice of the Supreme court, to make a 3 member commission, which would inquire and investigate Imran Khan’s allegations over the legitimacy of the elections. PTI head Imran Khan rejected the offer, stating that such a commission cannot be transparent until the PM resigns.

Chairman of international relations department, Sheikh Mukhtahir Ahmed, stated that Imran Khan is becoming desperate and his fuss will not lead to him ruling the nation.