Punjab government has challenged the Lahore High Court jurisdiction in a decision asking to remove the containers placed at various locations to block the roads on Wednesday August 13, 2014.  The review petition states that the Court does not have authority to interfere in the provincial government’s security and administrative matters.

Government of Punjab had filed a review petition against the decion of the Lahore High Court to remove blockades in the province.

Punjab government has claimed in the review petition that security and administrative matters of the government does not fall under the jurisdication of the court.

Lahore High Court Justice Mehmood Bhatti had earlier ruled that suspending the basic human rights in the name of security cannot be allowed while hearing a petition against the blockade of roads to stop the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek to participate in long marches on August 14.

Justice Mehmood Bhatti ordered Punjab government to remove all the containers from the roads of province in the decision.

Lahore High Court has accepted the petition for further hearing.