Imran Khan is our Prime Minister said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Javed Hashmi on Saturday while addressing the massive rally in Islamabad.  Nation wants to see Imran Khan as their new Prime Minister.

He said that one million people have gathered here and whole nation is behind them and they have decided that Nawaz Sharif must quit, Shahbaz Sharif must quit.

Javed Hashmi said that Allah will change the future of the Pakistani nation through the hands of the people who are gathered here.

He said that people do not want to see nobody else as Prime Minister other than Imran Khan. He said that Imran will bring the change in the country and today people of Pakistan has handed over the responsibility to bring change the corrupt system.

Javed Hashmi had earlier said that he developed some reservations about Imran Khan’s claim of technocratic caretaker government in Pakistan. However, he later agreed to become of the azadi march when Imran Khan clarified that he meant non political care taker government. Though it is not clear what is the difference between technocratic and non political care taker government.