Sheikh Rashid has said in Islamabad on Friday morning that we will not move from Islamabad unless Nawaz Sharif resigns as prime minister while addressing participants of Azadi march. Sheikh Rashid also said that government has failed to fulfill all of the election promises.

Sheikh Rashid said that 20 million people gathered here in Islamabad will remove Nawaz from the power. He said that people will not go back to home before people get employment, their food and justice. He chanted the slogans “go Nawaz go” and “go Shabaz go”.

Sheikh said that people of Pakistan are standing with the Pakistan armed forces. He said that armed forces are not property of father of Nawaz Sharif.

Earlier Sheikh Rashid had said that civil war has started in Pakistan after the incident of stone pelleting in Gujranwala by Nawaz League workers on the participants of Azadi March. He had further said that army will have to intervene now.

Sheikh Rashid has joined hands with Imran Khan’s azadi march to topple the government accusing that government came into power after massive rigging in elections 2013.