The Veintiocho already have the other European Union member states to supply weapons to the authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan. After a week of ups and downs, the position of France and Italy from -favorable initially sending weapons to fight the militants of the Islamic State (EI) – has been imposed on the initial reluctance of the German government, which in recent days has changed its opposite position.

The EU, whose foreign ministers met on Friday in an extraordinary way to treat a number of issues -including the crisis in Ukraine and supports Member States to provide arms to the Kurdish regional authorities ” according to their individual potential ” and extending a political umbrella that capital may exhibit to their constituencies. Brussels also welcomes the American military campaign in defense of the Yezidi minority in Iraq and against plans to create a jihadist caliphate.

The paper conclusions, the ministers of the Veintiocho support the new Iraqi Prime Minister Heider al Abadi; call on the most important countries in the region -particularly Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran for the sake of a ” long-term outcome ” of the crisis and support the “individual ” decision of Member States such as France, have already responded positively to the request of the Kurdish military material. These shipments -for which Italy, Spain and Sweden saw need the express consent of the EU must have the approval of Baghdad.

The response to the request of the Kurdish regional authorities will be in accordance with the technical capacity of the Member States and the limits imposed by their national legislation. In the European legal level, remember that in 2004 Brussels lifted the arms embargo on the Iraqi government.

The European partners also welcome to selective air strikes against US EI and emphasize the “responsibility” of the international community to cooperate with Iraq in their battle against the jihadists. Although several Member States had expressed before the meeting, its determination to initiate arms shipments to Iraq (United Kingdom and Czech Republic will follow the footsteps of France in the coming weeks), their governments sought emergency summit with an endorsement explicit EU to their electorate.

Netherlands and, in recent days, Germany- have also hinted that supplied weapons to the Kurdish authorities. Only Austria and Sweden publicly announced Friday that it will not participate in shipments, arguing that lack of technical capacity, and will focus on the deployment of humanitarian aid. “It’s what we do best,” said Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

For now, Spain has not announced any shipment of arms to the Arab country. The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Garcia -Margallo said at the end of the meeting that the Government of Mariano Rajoy ” evaluate from now if you use the open window to export weapons [ to Iraqi Kurds ] or not “. “It’s a decision that the government has to take.”

From Brussels today evaluate different alternatives to prevent EI jihadists continue to be financed through the sale of oil. European diplomacy, however, shows its cautious about the implementation of these measures, for fear that can strangle the Iraqi public coffers.