The soothing effect that generated from the afternoon of Thursday the transfer of supervision of protests Ferguson local to the more conciliatory Missouri State Police Officer, evaporated Friday the streets of this humble town of San Luis. Emotions escalate again dramatically and the riots and looting were repeated from previous nights.

The trigger for the increased tension was the first report from the local police about the death last Saturday of a young unarmed black for several shots of a agente.El report reveals the name of the agent who killed Brown and accuses the young to participate on a shoplifting shortly before being shot in a nearby residential street by a policeman who was unaware that Brown was involved in an alleged robbery. The boy’s death has sparked the biggest protests in the black community, which accounts for two thirds of the population in almost a century in the metropolitan area of San Luis, in the Midwest USA.

During the afternoon and evening of Friday protests remained peaceful atmosphere festive and Thursday, hundreds of people gathered on the sidewalk of a street with banners, while a train of cars moved slowly to the sound of their horns. But shortly after midnight the landscape dramatically turned with the return of riot police on Thursday were not made an appearance, which helped to calm down.

At one end of the avenue in which dozens of protesters protests develop confronted the riot police, who asked them to disperse, reports the Daily Dispatch Saint Louis. Some of the protesters threw bottles at police, who responded. After a few minutes the officers backtracked to retire but threw smoke bombs and intense sounds issued to disperse the crowd.

The police operation sparked chaos in the area, with cars sliding and giving half vuelta.En parallel, a group of protesters began looting commercial establishments and breaking his glasses, as they did on Sunday night. Meanwhile, another group trying to prevent looting.

After refusing to do so for a week, citing security concerns, the police chief of Ferguson, Tom Jackson, told early Friday -Darren the agent name Wilson who killed Michael Brown, 18 years as demanded by the hundreds of people who have protested since last Saturday demanding ” justice” and accusing the police -just three of the 53 blacks acting agents are often racially motivated. The officer who shot takes six years in office and has no disciplinary history. Police did not disclose their race, but the shooting witnesses cited by local media say it is white.

The satisfaction of the protesters by identity diffusion takes, however, a few seconds. Police released portions of the report on the incident in which Brown is identified as a suspect in a robbery at a convenience store shortly before it was shot on a street, located five minutes walk from the store. This detail and dissemination of supposed photographs of hers -and a young friend at the time of the theft quickly angered dozens of people gathered Friday morning at the epicenter of the protests, a gas station that was burnt down on Sunday and where the police chief made ??the brief announcement to the press.

The same police officer contradicted hours later. He said the officer who shot Brown know his alleged involvement in a robbery. Given the high only because the young walked through the streets and blocked the traffic. Regarding the dissemination of allegedly incriminating images, merely ensure that they had spread at the request of the press.

The consensus among those gathered at the gas station was the announcement of the alleged theft was a diversionary tactic of the police to keep away the focus of the officer who shot the boy. And that the person depicted in the images from a security camera is not Brown because, they say, was less bulky and not wearing sandals when he died. “Photography is false and is suspected to have taken so long to get her out,” cried Gerald, a black man of 33 years was concentrated, along with 200 other people in the gas station shouting the slogan of the latest outbreak of racial tension in America ” no justice, no peace.”

The Family Brown condemned the accusation of theft by considering an attempt to damage the reputation of the deceased young man, they said their lawyers. However, one of the lawyers, Daryl Parks, said in a press conference that the guy in the pictures released by the police ” appears” to be Brown but ” would not say ” if it was a robbery. Another lawyer, Anthony Gray, also acknowledged that Brown could be to say that no one said ” perfect a guy ” out.

The documents, with some details borrados- police provided the media say the young man was the main suspect of having stolen cigarettes in the hotel, located on the same street that the gas station. Workers at the ramshackle store, which has walled facade with wood, declined to comment.

The report does not detail how he died young or establish a relationship between the alleged theft and death. In his statement, the police chief did not specify whether there is a connection. Police say the boy attacked an agent; however, the friend who was with him says he was shot when he raised his arms. Off street where he died jam-packed with candles and dedicatorias- Anthony, Brown ‘s cousin, warned that if the officer who fired is not going to jail, “will be the order of St. Louis”.

The indignation of Anthony and other residents to the charge of robbery presaged Brown on Friday afternoon that nighttime protests that have developed since Saturday would be less festive and more vindictive than Thursday, as finished happening.

The decision to set aside that day to local police Ferguson and replaced by government agents led by a black knob, calmed things down. The fifty -mostly white officers with military equipment, rifles and provided lacrimógenos- gas and armored vehicles were replaced by a few members of the security forces who talked walk with protesters.