Dr. Tahirul Qadri wants 10000 people to decide the fate of 200 million people of Pakistan by asking the following questions from his followers:

Do you want to move the rally to Parliament House?

If you don’t get the justice of 14 martyrs of June 17, 2014 are you ready to go back home without justice?

Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are responsible for the murder of 14  people as they ordered the massacre of Model Town Lahore, if they both don’t step down and get arrested, are you ready to go back to home?

Are their government illegal and unconstitutional?

Do you want these assemblies which were constituted illegally should stay or dissolved?

Do you want to form national government to bring the ‘green’ revolution?

These are the questions which Dr. Qadri had asked and the answers were yes to all these questions. However, Dr. Qadri did not explain that how the will of 10,000 people can be enforced on 200 million people.

He did not tell his followers and supporters that how he plans to implement the ‘decisions’ of so called people parliament.

He further added that hundreds of thousands of people have decided to move in front of Parliament House.  He said that it is the people of Pakistan’s right to sit in front of Parliament House without breaking of law.

He repeatedly claimed that millions of Pakistanis have participated in the inqilab march.