Every alarm throughout the city of San Francisco (California) on Tuesday at noon said the possibility of an earthquake and tsunami. Distributed at every corner speakers prove that the system works in case you need to alert the city. It did not sounded anything to feel the ground, houses and objects moved from side to side for 30 seconds in the night from Saturday to Sunday at 3:20 am (Pacific Time) in San Francisco. Moments later, repeated small movements officially 2.5.

An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude, according to the geological system of the USA, has rocked San Francisco and the Bay. The epicenter is four miles north of American Canyon, 40 miles from San Francisco, close to the wine regions of Napa and Sonoma, where there have been some outages as PG & E electric service that supplies the West USA. Santa Rosa and Vallejo are closest to the epicenter locations. The movement has been felt from the north of the city, in Oakland and beyond San José, where it ends.

Police in San Francisco after the movement explained that there appear to be significant damage, but still alert to calls for help or possible repetition of the quake. Authorities are checking the condition of the roads and railways before confirming that there is no damage to infrastructure and roads.

This is the largest earthquake since October 17, 1989, in Loma Prieta. It left a toll of 63 people dead, 3,757 injured and more than 8,000 people homeless. The most devastating counted almost mythological dyes, took place in 1906 The subsequent fire forced practically rebuild the city. It reached magnitude 7.9.