The UEFA president, Michel Platini, in Monaco confirmed Thursday he will not run for election for the FIFA presidency to be held next year and opt to start re-election for a third term as head of the European Federation. The French manager announced his decision at a press conference, having previously communicated to the presidents and general secretaries of the 54 federations that make up the UEFA meeting in Monaco to attend this afternoon to draw for the group stage of the Champions Champions.

“I told them I wanted to apply for re-election as UEFA president. I want to finish what I started. We are working on major projects in the UEFA and want to see their development before considering moving to a new ground.

The Frenchman said he wants to finish what he has begun; that its decision was thoughtful; that has taken following the dictates of your heart and you will not regret. “I chose football. Passion I have chosen,” he said. ” It is expected that some today attacked FIFA in one way or another, but that’s not my mind. Course I want a FIFA that works best, which is more transparent, more caring and more consideration for fans football. shall do everything I can to contribute to this. But what interests me now is the only UEFA and UEFA, “he added.

The UEFA president said his decision is ” natural” and that their main interest is to defend the interests of European football as ” the number of seats for European teams in the World Cup, the sovereignty of the European federations, calendar caps or solidarity funds”. He anticipated that on 10 and 11 September there will be a conference to address racism in football. “We must lead by example,” he said. On financial fair play, explained that the losses of the integrated 700 clubs in 54 federations have been reduced from 1,700 million euros in 2011 to 800.

Finally, he spoke about Euro 2020, will for the first time as hosts with 13 mainland cities. There, said 19 countries aspiring to host the tournament. The UEFA Executive Committee will determine on September 19 in Geneva, the winning cities.