The future prime minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, said Wednesday that the integration into the European Union is a strategic objective that his country strongly pursue. In an extraordinary congress of the government ruling Justice and Development (AKP, moderate Islamist), which owns Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President-elect, the new head of the Turkish government said the country’s foreign policy will continue to be multilateral. In a televised ceremony, Davutoglu, the only candidate, was elected unanimously by the party leader to replace Erdogan.

Also, as Erdogan called for a new constitution that guarantees ” freedom and democracy “. “We need a new constitution, a constitution first made by the people, a constitution of freedom and democracy,” said Davutoglu. Although the AKP has a majority in Parliament does not have the two-thirds of the chamber needed to pass a new constitution, which is why the 2015 elections are key to the formation.

Davutoglu, 55, ideologist and Head of the neotomana called diplomacy during his tenure as foreign minister, whose motto would be zero problems with neighbors and zero problems between neighbors, emphasized that Erdogan -chosen president by an absolute majority the August 10, and he will work together ” without dissent “.

Erdogan has given witness your dolphin Davutoglu, promising that will continue the policy he started in 2002 and will monitor his party. “The names [ themselves ] do not matter, today the names change but the essence, the mission, the spirit, purposes and ideals remain,” Erdogan said more than 30,000 members of the AKP meeting in an extraordinary congress in Ankara.

“Our cause has always banned personal ambition, arrogance, hatred and envy, our cause will not change tomorrow, or will be abandoned in the future,” the strongman in his last speech as AKP leader and Prime Minister, which lasted for over two hours.

Co-founder in 2001 of the AKP, Erdogan, who will be sworn in Thursday as head of state after eleven years in the presidency, concluded his speech with a personal and emotional tone. “The AKP is my fifth child. The time has come to say goodbye. You imagine how difficult I find it to go, but keep in touch with you, though less regularly than before.”

Chosen in the first round with 52% of the vote, Erdogan has repeatedly announced its intention to assume control of the country by strengthening the powers of the Head of State, so far very ceremonial. Last week, Davutoglu appointed one of his next, as his successor. Before his coreligionists, Erdogan ruled that the new prime minister will be a puppet handled by him. “I want to stress this: Davutoglu is not an interim, everyone should know.”