Ten workers have died in the construction of a skyscraper in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, after the elevator which would fall into the void from the 32nd floor of the building. It is a block of luxury apartments of 42 floors in the district of Sisli, on the European side of Istanbul, where the stadium before the football club Galatasaray stood. Turkey has a high industrial accident and the accident, of which the exact cause is still unknown, has sparked protests in the construction site, where police used tear gas and water cannons against groups of protesters. ” This is not a accident, this is not the destination,this is murder ! “chanted the demonstrators.

Construction workers have reported that the elevators carrying a giving signs of being spoiled time, one also fell last month, but then there were no casualties, and that the elevator incident had damaged about 15 days ago and still no been repaired for lack of funds, as reported by the local press.

“That is a complete lie because the work there are two officers of the company from which we rented lifts [ Geda Major ] and involved as there is a problem,” replied today at a press conference Aziz Torun, Chairman GYO Torunlar construction company, who has said that he used the same elevator a few days ago. Torun has said that he used the same elevator a few days ago and has hinted that the workers may have not acted with sufficient care despite their training in security.

“The Ministry [ of Labour and Social Security] has regularly inspected our work. The last inspection was in April. We have taken all measures required by law, “said Torun, who added that the company will do whatever is necessary for the families of the victims. However, precisely in April, a 19 year old worker died in this same work also when an elevator fell through the cracks, if any from the 17th floor The developer then paid 5,600 Turkish liras (about 2,000 euros) as compensation to his family, according to the Turkish newspaper Sunday ‘s Zaman.

Since last May 15, the Association of Physicians of Istanbul had alerted his Twitter account about the security in the same work. Furthermore, the incident occurred on eight quarter of the evening, even though the workers should have finished their day at seven o’clock. ” We can not accept everything that happens as an accident. They should have taken security measures in the best possible way to prevent any loss of lives in the work, ” Istanbul Governor Huseyin Mutlu, who announced an official inquiry said last night.

After the accident, police arrested eight officials of the construction company, who have now been released after questioning by the prosecutor’s office. “When the legal measures are not followed [ for safety at work ], occupational accidents are inevitable,” said today meanwhile the new prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, who has described the deaths as “very painful and very sad “and he assured reporters that ” the investigation is to be carried out in detail. “

Accidents and protests Since last night and this morning there were small demonstrations and this afternoon riot police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse more than 1,000 people who had gathered at the site of the work to protest the weak security measures required by law in Turkey..

In recent years, the Turkish economy has grown very rapidly, to about 5 % on average since 2002, and the construction sector is booming, particularly in Istanbul. But this economic development is accompanied by a high number of accidents and incidents and allegations of corruption.

Between 2002 and 2012, more than 12,200 people have died in accidents in Turkey, a fact that makes it the third European country with the highest number of such deaths by population, surpassed only by Russia and Ukraine, according to most recent figures compiled by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

For every 100,000 workers, 18 die each year in accidents in Turkey, while the EU average is 2.5, according to data released by the semi-official Anatolia news agency and attributed to the ILO. In just the first seven months of 2014, 1,100 people have died in accidents in Turkey, all according to figures published by other local media.

In fact, in memory of the Turks is still fresh tragedy Soma mine last May, in which 301 workers, most from suffocation, died after an explosion trapped them in the mine. So violent protests against the authorities, whom many citizens accused of allowing abusive conditions and unsafe working conditions.

The present government has also been the subject of a corruption scandal that came to light last December, in which members of the executive were accused of accepting bribes in exchange for favors. Both the company responsible for the mine Torunlar GYO Soma as they have been linked by local media with the figure of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was elected president last month and was serving as prime minister since 2003.