In a video which was broadcast nationally hours before his scheduled hanging, MQM’s former worker Saulat Mirza made shocking revelations to the whole nation in what he called was his last message to youngsters who wished to join political parties, especially the MQM.

Saulat Mirza, who is a death row inmate, was sentenced in 1994 for killing Shahid Hamid, the MD of KESC. In the video he confessed to working for the MQM on the orders of its leader Altaf Hussain.

Following this, police officials confirmed that Saulat Mirza’s execution has been postponed over the next 72 hours.

In his confession Saulat Mirza also implicated several high profile names, including Babar Ghauri, who was then the MNA. According to Mirza, party leader Altaf Hussain’s messages were relayed to workers through Babar Ghauri, whose telephone line was untapped.

Repeatedly during the confession Mirza spoke of how political leaders use workers for their own agendas and then dispose of them when they are no longer needed. He finally urged the authorities to delay his death sentence so he may provide more evidence against MQM.