Today a new Muslim Media and Business Platform was launched, named, which is aiming to become the World’s leading Muslim Media platform that covers everything from Muslim News, Business and Entrepreneurs.

According to their launch letter/press release:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Ever wondered why Muslim Entrepreneurs get a lot less media exposure? Media plays a huge role in taking companies from 0 to hero and there is an evident lack of Muslim representation in the business media, especially when it comes to popular publications that change mindsets and shape trends. 

This is why we need business media, which is focused on Muslims and the positive aspects of our contributions to the world. In this respect, it is our great honor to present to you the Muslim Media Platform we had been working on for for a good while – MuslimInc.

Some of the most popular stories on currently are: 

1) Why Islamis Spreading So Fast, #13 is Key

2) 14 IslamicTechnology Start-ups to SeekInspiration From

3) The MuslimGirl Who Ranks Among The world’s Most Famous Faces, see who cheated her

4) Click Hereto See the Door to Hell on Earth: Yes,It Does Exist!

With us you will find not only educational and inspirational pieces, but also motivational stories, first-hand accounts of young Muslim entrepreneurs who should make headlines.

If you know a Muslim brother or sister entrepreneur who is looking to gain media exposure, please feel free to send us emails with your story tips on 

Please support in its infancy by sharing and spreading the news in your networks. JazakALLAH.

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