Badin District has seen many violent clashes recently between rival groups on the issue of the management of the many shrines present in the District. On Thursday the 17th a school teacher by the name of Mohammad Aslam Keerio was shot dead, allegedly by members of a rival group.

The area was gripped in a state of fear, anger and confusion as an angry mob took to the streets setting fire to local businesses and homes.

It is reported that approximately 50 shops were looted and destroyed.

Heavily armed police were quick to respond to the scene. SSP Badin Ibrar Hussain Nekokar was among them and tried to appeal to the protesters to keep calm.

Hostilities are between two rival groups who both claim to be the custodians of the shrines, the violence between them has claimed dozens of lives in the past 30 years since it began.

Talking to reporters SSP Badin said a number of arrests have been made, of people involved in arson and looting, however residents of Gopand Community that actual area the riots took place complained of indiscriminate arrests by the police and that some of the people arrested are innocent and not involved in the rivalry.

The Family of Keerio staged a sit in outside Badin Press Club to demand for a police investigation into his death.

The Police are yet to press charges or name a suspect.