Malaysia’s first Islamic-Compliant airline Rayani Air officially began operations on Sunday with its maiden journey from Kuala Lumpur to Lankawai Island Resort. The features of this Islamic Compliant flight include completely halal food and drinks, it goes without saying that alcohol is not served on board and its consumption not allowed. There is a dress code requirement for Muslim and Non-Muslim passengers with inflight crew wearing hijab. Another interesting feature is the offering of prayers before take-off. Speaking to the Star Newspaper Jaafa Zamhari, managing director of Rayani Air said as the first Sariah compliant airline in Malaysia, certain aspects will be tested and refined with time however “we are proud of this”.

This is not new to the world however, UK based Firnas Airways is due to also enter the Sharia-Compliant travel industry according to a Bloomberg agency report. Halal Travel as an industry has impressive growth projections. Considering a projected increase of the Muslim Umma by 35% and that Halal Tourism is currently a $137 Billion dollar industry, we can expect more Sharia-compliant flight services in the future.