Nabeel Munir, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the U.N. spoke on Pakistan’s readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan to help curb the deteriorating security situation there. Munir was speaking during a United Nations (UN) Security Council meeting earlier this week discussing the situation in Afghanistan.

Mr. Munir underscored the need for peace in Afghanistan which he said was a pre-requisite for stability in the region. However, he placed primary responsibility on Afghans themselves who he said must “put their house in order”.

He added that for efforts to bring peace to bear any fruits, all stakeholders should recognize that the use of force alone will not be productive. Robust and meaningful strategies must be adopted and this is why Pakistan brokered talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

 Responding to doubtful remarks made by an Afghan representative about Pakistan’s commitment to the peace process in Afghanistan, Munir added “no one should place aspersions on Pakistan’s sincerity”. He added that Pakistan has also been a victim of the instability in Afghanistan over the decades and many Pakistani’s have lost their lives from terrorist attackers using Afghanistan as a safe heaven. Munir also stated that it had been Pakistan’s objective to target all terrorist groups and have made significant progress in this regard.

Munir also spoke on the success of the recently concluded “Heart of Asia” conference and talked about the Tripartiate agreement with India and Afghanistan.

He said the region should be focusing on projects such as the planned oil pipeline going through Turkmenistan and all three countries, that is bound to create thousands of jobs in Afghanistan.