On Wednesday, former MQM lawmaker, Muhammad Ali Brohi met with Syed Mustafa Kamal as he informed many of his desire to continue meeting the group of MQM deserters in future.

The MQM major leaders, Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani publicly announced their intention to form a yet-unnamed party as they maintained accusations against MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain.

A few of MQM senior frontrunners including Dr Sagheer Ahmed and Raza Haroon have also defected and joined the Karachi based party which is considered a threat.

Brohi, after the meeting, talked to the media and has failed to confirm whether he will be joining Kamal’s yet-unnamed party but expressed the continuance of meetings with the group.

“Mustafa Kamal and Anis Kaimkhani dared to bring a change. It is a nice change and will be beneficial for Karachi and Sindh,” he said.

Brohi was MQM’s party senator from 2004 to 2009 and had acquired through by-elections, the Senate seat that had become empty after the death of former MMA’s leader Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorami.