Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan accepted the resignation of Salman Aslam Butt, the then attorney-general of Pakistan on Monday. He had lost the case of Pervez Musharraf involving his removal from the no-fly list.

Prime Minister Sharif had gone on to replace Salman Butt with Ashter Ausaf, who then was in the position of special assistant to the Prime Minister on legal matters.

Salman Butt had gained the position of top law officer in January 2014, which is suspected to be as a result of his close relationship with the PM. He went on to represent the federal government in several cases.

In certain scenarios, he represented the Pakistani government before international courts without consulting local counsel. He was quickly termed as the “most successful AGP” of the decade.

However, he met his downfall in the Pervez Musharraf case which led to the rage of prestigious legal personalities of Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N). They were displeased with his behavior during the case and asked for his removal.

March, 16th which marked a crucial day in Pakistan’s legal history, with Khawaja Muhammad Haris, Akram Sheikh, Shahid Hamid and Mustafa Ramday being allowed to be present in Courtroom No-1 of the Supreme Court, met with the dismissal of the government’s plea against a High Court order to remove Musharraf from the Exit Control List.

After the disappointing loss in the case, the government permitted the former dictator to go to Dubai. Claims against Butt suggested that he had been closer to the defence and was more prone to be escorted out.

Although Butt had refused to grant any comments about his resignation, another law officer claimed that Butt had justified his resignation on the basis that his legal practice was struggling.