There has been an uproar amongst the political parties and masses of Pakistan since the time the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has leaked names of some very prominent politicians and leaders who have hidden wealth in offshore companies. The names cited by PanamaLeaks crosses the 200 mark in Pakistan alone and includes prominent families like the ruling Shareef family and the Bhutto family.

A National Accountability Bureau (NAB) source told national newspapers on Monday that the kind of allegations made in these leaked documents cannot be overlooked. The source also assured that the top management at NAB is discussing the matter and there is a high probability that an inquiry may be launched to further probe the issue.

The report does not include the names of any Army General-serving or retired. However, it was cited in the report that not all the offshore companies have illegal money or are involved in money-laundering. To make that distinction, a further probe is necessary.

The Chairman of PTI, Imran Khan, is one of the leading opposition voices who is demanding an independent probe into the matter. He has been alleging on many occasions that the Shareef family has ill-gotten money in off-shore accounts.

“Investigations have already begun in New Zealand, Iceland and France after the Panama leaks. Why can’t Pakistan launch an inquiry against Sharif family,” Khan questioned.

If NAB agrees to probe these cases further, then a number of prominent Pakistani names will be taken to trial.