Danish police arrested four suspected militants who had recently returned from Syria after being recruited by the militant group Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh. Security operations against these militants have increased across Europe after terror threats which have plagued this continent.

According to the details provided, Danish police said that they arrested these four suspected militants from different addresses near Copenhagen.

“All four suspects are accused of having violated the penal code by allowing themselves to be recruited by IS in Syria to commit terrorists acts,” a statement by Copenhagen police said.

These arrests were made as part of a joint effort by the Danish police and the intelligence service called PET, in an attempt to combat the enlisting of people by terrorist groups in war-torn areas of Syria and northern Iraq. Recently there has been an increased trend of recruiting vulnerable people into Daesh so that they can carry out terrorist activities in different parts of the world.

Another arrest was made in the neighboring country of Sweden, where a 20-year-old man was charged with terrorism for allegedly building a suicide bomb with the intent of staging an attack in Sweden.

The identity of all these suspects and their whereabouts will be kept hidden from the general public, due to the nature of the crime. Further arrests cannot be ruled out at this time, as the police will try to get leads from the arrested suspects. Meanwhile the prosecution has also requested for Friday’s hearing against these suspects, to be closed to the public.

Till now, more than 125 people from Denmark are believed to have been recruited by Daesh after going to Syria and Iraq. Out of these people 27 people have died there, but the rest are still at large.