A Malaysian politician’s views about Islamic scholar Zakir Naik, did not sit well with the public, as his office was bombed with a petrol explosive. The incident took place on Tuesday in the Malaysian state of Penang, which is ruled by the opposition party.

An unknown person threw a petrol bomb at the office of State Deputy Chief Minister, P Ramasamy, who recently made a comment about Zakir Naik, and called him ‘Satan’. Ramasamy said that the reason behind the attack may have been his Facebook post over the weekend about the religious scholar. He accused Naik of giving speeches which are designed to promote hatred of other faiths. He said that his post was not directed towards Islam or Muslim, but against ‘this particular person’.

“I regret the use of the word ‘Satan’ which has caused uneasiness and unhappiness among Muslims in Malaysia,” Ramasamy said, adding that the word was later deleted.

The police reported that there were no injuries because of the attack and neither was any property damaged due to it. The petrol bomb landed on the metal shutters of the office, due to which the building was saved.

Zakir Naik is an Indian Muslim scholar, who gives lectures on comparative religions-generally comparing other religions to Islam. Earlier, he was banned from giving a lecture at a university in the southern Malaysian state of Malacca, after complaints from a minority group.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, but it generally practices a moderate form of Islam.