Increasing incidents of violence against transgender people in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa have marred the province. In a recent incident, a transgender by the name of Alesha was shot six times on Sunday night by a group which allegedly extorts money from transgender community.

After being shot, Alesha was rushed to the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar in critical condition, but the authorities kept her waiting for more than an hour. According to reports, the hospital could not decide whether to shift her in the male or female ward.

Alesha’s family requested hospital authorities to shift her to the female ward multiple times, but they were denied this request. Eventually, Alesha was shifted to the male ward and that too, in front of the lavatory. Those were the only terms on which, she could be adjusted in the ward.

Alesha’s treatment at the hospital triggered a protest from the transgender community and her relatives.

“We are running since 9:30 am till now (1:30 PM) to find a bed for Alesha. We were asked to go to a male ward and from the male ward to the female ward. Upstairs, downstairs but this transpacific Hospital (LRH) has not place where a transgender in a critical condition can be treated no place in ICU no place in ward,” a status posted by Alesha’s relative on Facebook stated.

According to the reports obtained of this incident, an organized criminal gang is behind this shooting, which extorts money from transgender people. The gang also forces the community members to make porn videos.

A complaint has been registered against the alleged, but so far, nothing has been done in this regard.