Alesha was a transgender activist whose death caused major uproar in the society over the ill-treatment of transgender people. Her death was caused by the negligence of the hospital staff of Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) in Peshawar, where she was taken after getting shot by one of her customers.

After her death, the transgender community and the society at large, demanded that justice should be meted out in her case the culprits should be punished. A fact-finding committee was established in the wake of this incidence, comprising of five members, four of whom were from LRH.

A 10-page dissenting note was written by Additional Health Secretary Motasim Billah, who was the only non-LRH member on the committee. Billah did not agree with the outcome of the report, and he has demanded that a complete medical and administrative audit should be carried out of the LRH.

According to the details provided of the case, Alesha was treated very badly owing to her being a transgender. She was shifted five times to different wards and was also not given proper medical attention.

Initially when Alesha was brought in, she was made to wait for hours before being given any medical attention. The hospital staff wasted a lot of time deciding whether to place her in the male or female ward. Eventually, she was given a room with deplorable conditions.

The doctors who treated her, did not even bother carrying out an ultrasound or tests to find out how many pellets were lodged in her body, due to which some pellets remained and eventually caused excessive bleeding and death.

Minister for Health Shahram Tarakai has ordered the formation of a team based on the recommendations of the additional health secretary.