New details have emerged in the case of the three-year-old boy who was left at Edhi Center in Karachi on Monday. It has been learnt that Abdullah’s father was a 69-years-old man by the name of Muhammad Iqbal and he hailed from Khanewal. Iqbal had lived in Karachi for a long time, and the boy’s mother, Haleema, was his second wife.

According to sources who are monitoring the case, Iqbal was married earlier to another woman, with whom he had two daughters and two sons. The whereabouts of that family are still unknown.

Iqbal was suffering from some serious health problem, and the family was going to Multan to seek treatment for him. Over there, Iqbal passed away due to cardiac arrest and apparently Haleema came back to Karachi with Abdullah.

Haleema befriended a couple Rizwan and Sonia in Karachi and according to some sources, Rizwan and Haleema became close. In fact, it was Rizwan who got Haleema a house in Delhi colony where she was staying with her son.

Last week, Haleema’s neighbor’s complained of strong stench coming from her apartment and when they broke into her house, she was found dead. Meanwhile Rizwan had left Abdullah at Edhi center and he is now a prime suspect in the case and is on the run.

After Abdullah was left at Edhi center, a social media campaign started in order to find his family, which eventually resulted in his maternal grandmother and aunt, coming forward to claim him. He will be handed over to his grandmother after thorough investigations are complete.