The man who allegedly murdered Abdullah’s mother and later left him at Edhi Center, is now in police custody. According to the latest reports, the prime suspect in lost boy Abdullah’s case, Rizwan, has been arrested by authorities and it is being hoped that he will provide information which might reunite Abdullah with his family.

It was reported that Rizwan was arrested by the police from Super Highway in Karachi. His description had been shared with police officers throughout the city and it was ordered that he should be arrested.

Rizwan is the same person who dropped Abdullah at the Edhi Center claiming that he had found the three-year-old boy at Sea View after his family had deserted him.

Later, a body of a woman, thought to be Abdullah’s mother, Haleema, was discovered from a house in Delhi Colony and Rizwan became a prime suspect in that murder case. However, the suspect went missing after that and was on the run till now.

After Haleema’s body was discovered, Rizwan’s wife, Sonia was arrested for questioning during which she revealed that they lived with Haleema and her son in the same house in Mehmoodabad. During this time Rizwan and Haleema became close. What ensued after that and became the cause of Haleema’s death is still a mystery.

Meanwhile Abdullah’s real father, a 69-year-old man by the name of Muhammad Iqbal came forward to claim his son. However, when Abdullah saw him, he started crying and refused to go to him.

Abdullah’s maternal grandmother and aunt also claimed the child, but the management at Edhi Center maintains that they will not give the boy to anyone unless the court directs them.