On Tuesday, an anti-terrorism court sentenced a Muslim and two Christians to death on counts of blasphemy.

Two of the three were given 35-year imprisonment terms.

According to other news channels such as BBC, ATC Judge Bushra Zaman on Monday announced the judgment. On May 15th of last year, the case was lodged in Satellite Town police station of Gujranwala under sections 295C and 386 of Pakistan Penal Code.

The FIR shows that Anjum Naz filed a complaint with the police that both Javed Naz and Jafar Ali had manipulated him and with duress, taken Rs20, 000 and both were asking for Rs50, 000.

It was later discovered when the police arrested both parties, that Javed Naz had made a recording of a blasphemous conversation with Anjum Naz. Javed had handed a copy of the recording to Jafar Ali and both were now blackmailing Anjum, requesting money.

According to police reports, the recording shows that Anjum Naz had said something blasphemous which had been recorded by Javed Naz.

All three were arrested by the police.

Their mobile phones and memory cards were forensically analyzed.

Based on 11 testimonies and other evidences, the court found all three guilty of the crime and were thus sentenced.

They have been given the right to appeal against the conviction in the high court.