The Capital Development Authority (CDA) sealed the multi-storey shopping facility named Safa Gold Mall over various building code violations upsetting shopkeepers who have rented shops at the mall.

The shopkeepers were very upset on Saturday, as their losses surged due to the building being sealed for three consecutive days as authorities and the building owners failed to reach a negotiated agreement.

According to the details provided by CDA officials, the mall owners had violated several building codes and had even gone overdue with their payment for land rent to the authorities.

In the recent past, the CDA has sealed many shops and commercial units for various violations, but this incident stands out as the sealed venue represents a significant commercial building housing many shops and eateries.

“In the past, similar operations were launched by the CDA Building Control Section (BCS) against Safa Gold Mall, but it never affected our businesses as our shops remained open,” Amjad Saeed, who works at a clothing store in Safa Gold Mall, told reporters. He further said that his customers’ orders were due but he could not deliver them in time because of the closure and this in turn will affect his business.

Meanwhile customers are also very upset over the closure of the mall, as they are unable to visit its famous food court and collect their orders from various shops.

It is not clear when the issue will be resolved but chances are that the CDA will not show much leniency to the mall owners this time around.