As the race of the presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continues, the war of words also progresses. Most recently, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump for scapegoating the parents of a Muslim solider who was killed in Iraq while serving for the American Army.

Trump is accused of disrespecting the parents of US Army Captain Humayun Khan, after the father, Khizr Khan spoke up against Trump while his wife Ghazala Khan stood by her husband’s side. Trump suggested that the mother of the deceased Army captain might not have been ‘allowed’ to speak, implying that in Islam, Muslim women are not given equal rights.

Referring to this episode, Clinton, while addressing a church service in Ohio, said that Trump had been insulting to a family who had sacrificed so much for America.

“I don’t begrudge anyone of any other faith or of no faith at all, but I do tremble before those who would scapegoat other Americans, who would insult people because of their religion, their ethnicity, their disability,” Clinton said in remarks at the Imani Temple Ministries, an African-American church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

“It’s just not how I was raised, that’s not how I was taught in my church,” said Clinton, who grew up as a Methodist. “Tim Kaine and I are people of faith,” she said, referring to her vice presidential running mate, who is a Catholic.

Meanwhile, Ghazala Khan responded to Trump’s comments by saying that her husband had asked whether she wanted to speak at the convention, but she herself opted not to because the pain of her son’s loss was too great for her to bear.