Investigations into the deadly mass consumption of toxic alcohol in Toba Tek Singh have revealed that aftershave lotion was used to make the deadly poison.

So far, 42 people have died due to consuming the toxic liquor.

The police have arrested the suspects who made the deadly concoction and later sold it right before Christmas.

“Four people have been identified who prepared and distributed the toxic liquor,” senior police official Atif Imran, who is investigating the case, told AFP, adding that the group had also consumed the alcohol themselves.

“One of them died because of the liquor, two others are in critical condition, while the fourth is in police custody,” he added.

Three of the suspects have been identified as Kamran, Adeel and Iqbal. The suspects also consumed the same liquor and due to the toxicity Iqbal passed away while Adeel and Iqbal are being treated at the hospital.

Five other suspects are under custody and are being interrogated by the police.

According to the details provided, the suspects purchased 20 liters of aftershave lotion from Shorkot and later mixed chemicals in it to make a form of alcohol. The suspects said that they knew aftershave had spirit in it which is intoxicating and that is why they sold it as alcohol.

More than a 100 people fell sick after drinking the concoction and so far 42 people have died while the rest are being treated at the DHQ hospital in Toba Tek Singh.

This incident is one of the country’s deadliest cases of mass alcohol poisoning.