The entire world got to know Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan’s domestic dispute when the beauty blogger and wife of the boxing champ exposed the problems she was having with her in-laws. According to Makhdoom, she had been bullied by her in-laws for the past three years and she had finally broken her silence about the entire issue.

Now the repercussions of such a confession have started to get visible as Makhdoom’s parents fear that their daughter might get divorced because of the entire issue.

Talking to reporters, Makhdoom’s mother said that they have spent sleepless nights due to the tension between their daughter and her in-laws. Mrs. Makhdoom pleaded to her son-in-law not to divorce her daughter and be more sensible in this entire affair.

When the interviewer asked her what she thought about Amir’s father’s statement about Faryal getting divorced, she said that she could only hope that this does not happen.

“How can someone who has his own daughters say such a thing,” she said.

Mrs. Makhdoom further said that she talked to Amir following the family drama and he told her that he does not know what is going on and why his father made such a comment.

She pleaded to Amir’s father not to mention the possibility of divorce again.

Mrs. Makhdoom further said that she married her daughter at a very young age and sent her thousands of miles away from her family in the hopes that she would have a happy marriage.

“I knew there were a lot of differences, but Faryal tried to adjust,” she said.

Towards the end of the interview, she said that she hoped all the media attention would die soon and that things should settle down.

“Amir is neither mine nor his family’s, he’s an asset for this world,” she said, adding that her son-in-law is a very nice man and he doesn’t need any problems in his life.

In the end Faryal’s father also added that his daughter and Amir were very happy together and hoped that things would settle down soon.