A medical board examining tortured maid child, Tayyaba, have completed their report and concluded that the marks on her body were indeed torture marks.

While speaking to the journalists on Monday, Vice Chancellor Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Dr. Javed Ikram said that him and his team had completed their medical examination on Tayyaba and had found torture marks on her body. He also said that DNA samples were also obtained from Tayyaba during the examination and pictures were also taken of burn marks on her back.

Since different people claiming to be Tayyaba’s parents have come forward, a DNA test to confirm her parentage also has to be conducted. So far four sets of parents have claimed that Tayyaba is their daughter and the only way to decipher that is through DNA testing.

The three other families, who are claiming Tayyaba as their child, each belong from Kamaliya, Faisalabad and Jehlum.

Earlier, Tayyaba and her parents had mysteriously disappeared as they were scheduled to appear in court for the torture case which has been registered against her employer, Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan.

She was later recovered on Sunday from a suburban area of Islamabad, along with her father.

Tayyaba’s case made waves after her pictures, showing severe torture marks, hit the internet last week. It was discovered that she had been working at Raja Khurram’s place for the past two years and was regularly beaten during her stay there.

When the police initially interrogated Tayyaba, she claimed that she had suffered the wounds on her body due to minor accidents encountered while working. However, later she opened up and told the police that her employers had beaten her.

Tayyaba’s father later ‘forgave’ her employers but the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, took suo moto notice of the incident and now the Additional Sessions Judge and his wife will be tried in court for torturing a minor girl.