Medical analysis on 10-year-old child maid, Tayyaba, has been completed and according to the report, there are 11 torture marks found on her body of varying nature.

A medical board was constituted at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) which was tasked with the responsibility to come up with a details report on the injuries on Tayyaba’s body.

The board was led by Dr. Javed Ikram and he told reporters that Tayyaba was examined on Monday. DNA samples were also obtained from her so as to ascertain her parentage as different people have come forward claiming to be Tayyaba’s parents.

DNA samples of three different families, claiming to be Tayyaba’s parents, have been taken in order to match them with hers. These families belong from Faisalabad, Kamaliya and Jehlum.

The report stated that the marks on Tayabba’s body constituted of different burns and bruises. The biggest wound on her body is one square centimeter, which was found next to her right eye. Apparently, Tayyaba also suffers from mental stress due to the torture she was made to endure. However, it also noted that her mental condition is improving gradually.

Tayyaba’s case made headlines when her pictures showing torture marks, hit the social media. She was employed at Additional Sessions Judge, Raja Khurram Ali Khan’s place for the past two years and her employers allegedly tortured her.

Tayyaba’s father ‘forgave’ the judge and his wife and the case was apparently settled but the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar took suo moto notice of the incident and now the judge and his wife will be tried in court.