When singing sensation Momina Mustehsan appeared on Coke Studio with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, she stole the hearts of many with her delightful voice and beautiful looks. However, she did not remain on the market for long as she got engaged in September last year.

Many boys were heartbroken over Momina’s engagement to Ali Naqvi, who is a US based banker. The two exchanged rings in a private ceremony and soon after that, pictures of the couple surfaced on the internet from time to time.

For the past few months however, there were no pictures of the two together and Momina was usually always clicked with other people. Rumors regarding their split started circulating last month, but Momina was quick to shut them down through a post.

“Dear social media,
In case you don’t realize, I’m human too. Just like everyone else, I have a personal life that I have every right to keep to myself. please don’t turn it in to a joke and a source of entertainment. IF there is something that needs to be shared with the world, I’ll make the announcement myself. But please stop spreading stories based on guess-work, especially when they really are none of your business.
I’d appreciate if these so-called news pages remove these stupid articles they have been circulating. Please stop selling my personal life for clicks and views.

However, a recent Snapchat story by the singing sensation herself, confirmed that the engagement has been called off.

On Monday, Momina made a Snapchat story about a gift she had received for Valentine’s Day, the caption said; “Single girls get Valentine’s gifts too. Thanks @beoneshopone”

According to a source, the long distance got into the way of the relationship and eventually things ended between Momina and Ali.