Women have been a victim of groping and harassment in public in the hands of unknown men, who derive sick pleasure from this act. However, two sisters from Karachi set a good example by fighting back and creating an example out of such a situation.

Zoya Khan, 19, and her younger sister Zara Khan, 15, were on their way home from a shopping trip to Karachi’s Tariq Road, when a man groped the elder one. Zoya started screaming but she could not do anything about it as her hands were filled with shopping bags. However, when she turned to look at her sister, she saw that Zara had already thrown away her bags and was running after the harasser.

When Zoya followed her sister, she was met with a shock as she saw more than 30 people surrounding the molester, while her sister “held him by his collar smacking his face and punching his stomach”.

Later, when Zoya asked her younger sister about what had prompted her to take such a drastic step, she said; “You’re my sister. Why should I stand around and watch while someone does that to you?”

“This is not the first time this has happened,” Zoya told reporters. “But this is the first time I decided to post about this on social media. I decided why should I take this anymore?”

Since the time the video went up, the response from the general public and the sisters’ friends and family has been great. Zoya said that initially their father was concerned but since then, he has been extremely supportive and is glad to have raised such courageous girls.

The video of the sisters has gone viral since its release and many people are appreciating the girls’ courage and bravery.