Good news was delivered to the people of Lahore on Monday, when it was announced that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final will be held in the city. While many welcomed the decision, there were others who criticized it, calling it a huge security threat.

The decision was announced on Monday, after much consideration given to the security situation in the country. During the past month, suicide blasts occurred in all four provinces of Pakistan and Lahore is still under an alert for possible future attacks.

However, it has been announced that very high level security will be provided to all the players and the public as well, and for that, tight security measures are already underway in the city.
The PSL final will be played at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, which is located in the Nishtar Park. Work on preparing the stadium for the final has already begun.

It was reported on Tuesday that barbed wires have been fixed on the boundary of the stadium, while CCTV cameras have also been installed on all corners. The cricket pitch has been leveled and the side screens have been painted afresh. Practice pitches are also being made in addition to the main pitch being prepared for the match.

Roads leading up to the stadium have been carpeted and in order to ensure security, all the roads leading to the Nishtar Sport Complex will be closed beginning from today, till the day of the match.

Restaurants around the stadium have been closed and they will not be opened even on the day of the match so that tight security can be ensured.

It is being hoped that the match will be played without any major hiccups and security fiascos.