Actress Meera is going through a financial crisis these days and it was apparent from her actions at the Punjab Institute of Language, Arts and Culture (PILAC) event, which took place Lahore over the weekend.

According to the celebrity herself, she was invited as a guest at the Spring Festival held in Lahore, but once she was there, the organizers refused to pay her the attendance fees. On the other hand, the organizers claim that Meera was just invited as a guest and she was never promised any attendance fee.

On the day of the event, Meera reportedly began shouting at organizers, asking them to pay her first. When she later came on the stage, she demanded her due remuneration there too.

While the organizers insisted that she was never promised any money for her appearance, Meera went on to inform the media officials present at the event that she was not being paid. When the commotion escalated, PILAC director Dr Sugra Sadaf was forced to pay out of her pocket.

“We had planned to pay the performers only and Meera was not invited to perform – she was just a guest,” said Dr Sugra. “But she was demanding money and left me no choice but to pay her from my own pocket. She was claiming that she is having a financial crisis so I went ahead.”

When Meera was asked to tell her own side of the story, she said that she was invited to the PILAC event and was even promised compensation for that. “They make huge amounts of money but never pay us any of it. I don’t have any personal issues with the PILAC administration. Dr Sugra paid me from her own pocket and realising my troubles, has asked me to perform on March 17 as well, in return for Rs100, 000.”

Meanwhile Meera herself has made her financial situation very public and has even asked to meet with Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, to discuss her problems.