Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA, Nabila Hakim Ali Khan, initially submitted a proposal in the Punjab Assembly to make Hijab mandatory for all college girls. However, on Wednesday she took a complete opposite stance and said that due to a clerical mistake, the word ‘not’ was omitted and the entire meaning of the proposal changed.

In the initial proposal, Nabila had proposed that hijab should be made compulsory for all girls in private and government colleges and girls observing hijab should be given extra marks.

However, just an hour later, the MPA went back on her words and submitted another resolution stating that hijab should not be made mandatory and girls with hijab should not be given extra marks.

Nabila later appeared in front of reporters and clarified that she had made a ‘clerical mistake’ and forgot to add the word ‘not’ in the first proposal. However, when the texts of the two proposals were compared, it became apparent that it was not a clerical mistake and that purpose of both these proposals was different.

It is being speculated that Nabila changed her stance after receiving pressure from fellow PTI leaders.

The issue of making hijab compulsory for college girls in Punjab was brought to light by Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Gillani when he proposed on Tuesday that college girls wearing hijab be given five per cent attendance relaxation.

“We want to give an incentive to the girls for wearing hijab,” said the minister during a meeting of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Lahore, adding that the measure was aimed at promoting hijab-culture in Punjab.

However, when the proposal received a lot of backlash, a spokesperson for the provincial government clarified that no such decision has been taken.