A 13-year-old girl who got raped last year in Rajanpur, has given birth to a child and now DNA samples from the baby will help determine who the rapist was. The DNA from the baby will be the sole evidence which will lead the court to the alleged rapist.

According to the details of the incident provided, the girl was raped last year at her Quran teacher’s house. She wanted to study further but had to drop out of school because the family could not afford to keep her there. After dropping out, the girl started working at a house in the neighborhood where she was also taught how to read the Quran.

It was there that the alleged suspect, 40-year-old Kashif raped the girl in February last year.

When the victim’s father found out that his daughter is pregnant, he went out to seek justice against the alleged rapist, but because of the weak Pakistani laws which work better for the suspect rather than the victim, the father found out that the only way to get justice is to keep the baby.

Hence, going against the backward traditions of the area, the family decided to keep the baby, which was then born on November 17, 2016. Following the birth, the local court ordered a DNA test to determine parenthood.

However, the key accused in the case did not appear in the court during the last two proceedings.

During the hearing today, the victim could not present a lawyer in the court because they did not have the resources to hire one. The judge in the case has given orders for a public prosecutor and the hearing has been adjourned till April 13.

Speaking to Geo News, the girl’s father vowed to get his daughter justice. “I will kill myself if I fail,” said an emotional father.

“We are poor people. We expect the court to give us justice,” said the victim, cradling her baby in her arm.