These days Ahmadi persecution seems to be on the rise in Pakistan as a third Ahmadi was targeted and killed in the last three weeks. The latest murder was than of an Ahmadi professor who was killed in her house in the residential colony of the University of Punjab on Tuesday.

The professor was identified as Tahira Abdullah, who had been working at PU on a contractual basis after retiring from the university’s Molecular Genetics department. She was teaching cell biology, DNA replication and repair, biochemistry and plant biotechnology at the post graduate level.

According to the details provided by the management, Professor Abdullah had been living alone in the house provided to her by the university since her husband passed away a few years ago. She only had one daughter who lives in Karachi.

Police officers investigating the case told reporters that Professor Abdullah’s daughter, Aleena, had been calling her mother since last night but she got no response. She eventually became anxious and called up her mother’s neighbors to check up on her the next day.

The neighbors went to the professor’s house and rang the bell but no one answered. They eventually became concerned and called up the university’s security department. A guard eventually broke the door between 9 am and 10 am and entered her home to find Professor Abdullah stabbed to death with a blood of pool around her.

The police was immediately called in and officials of the Punjab Forensic Agency along with Counter Terrorism Department DIG and Iqbal Town SP also reached the site. The body of the deceased professor was transferred to a hospital where autopsy will be conducted.

There was no sign of a robbery but there is a possibility that the professor was killed because of her faith.