A lone wolf went on a killing spree in the central California city of Fresno on Tuesday, killing three people and injuring another before being taken into custody.

Initial investigations have revealed that the shooter in a Muslim of African-American descent whose name is Kori Ali Muhammad. Even though he acted alone, investigators are still trying to figure out whether there was someone else involved as well. Terrorist organization links are also being investigated.

It is also believed that the suspect shot a security guard last week outside a motel in the city. The guard was taken to the hospital who later died due to sustaining grave injuries. At that time Muhammad managed to escape and then emerged again during this killing spree.

Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer told reporters that Muhammad, who used the alias “Black Jesus,” shouted “Allahu Akbar” — “God is great” in Arabic — as he was being taken into custody.

Dyer also told reporters that Muhammad had mentioned in his postings on Facebook that he hated white people and the government. “This was a random act of violence,” Dyer said. “These were unprovoked attacks by an individual who was intent on carrying out homicides today.”

According to the details of the incident provided, the shooting took place at around 10:45 am at four different locations in the downtown area of the city. All the shootings were unprovoked and around 16 rounds were fired during the minute-long spree.

All the victims from the shooting were white males. One of the victims was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of a truck while the rest were on foot.

Muhammad faces four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder, and he is expected to make his first court appearance within 48 hours.