The Punjab police were able to catch the person who murdered an Ahmadi female professor who used to work at the Punjab University, just a day after her death.

On Wednesday, the Punjab police arrested three suspects in connection with the murder and it was found out that robbery was the motive behind her murder rather than hate crime, as was being speculated initially.

The deceased professor was identified as Professor Dr. Tahira Abdullah, who used to live alone in her house in the Punjab University Housing Colony. Her husband had passed away a few years ago and she had only one daughter, who is living in Karachi.

Dr. Tahira’s body was discovered after her daughter became concerned about her mother’s well-being when she did not pick up her calls. The daughter asked her mother’s neighbors to check up on her, who discovered the professor’s body lying in a pool of blood after they broke into the house with the PU security guard.

The initial investigations had revealed that there was no sign of a break-in or robbery, after which it was speculated that someone probably killed her due to her faith.

However, when the police officials traced down Dr. Tahira’s cell phone on the complaint of her daughter, they caught the suspects red-handed while they were trying to sell the phone.

The main accused in the case is a man named Sajjad Ali, who confessed to killing the retired professor.

Ali, an employee of Punjab University. was called by the professor to fix a ceiling fan in her house, the police statement added. When he went there he tried to steal her iPhone and cash. However, Dr. Tahira caught him stealing the things, upon which Ali took a paper cutter and stabbed her to death with it.