A French policeman was killed by a known terror suspect in Paris while two other officers were injured in the exchange. The horrific event took place at 9 pm on Thursday at the famous location of Champs Elysees.

The attack took place just two days before the French elections are supposed to take place, building fear among the voters. Immediately after the attack, the credit for it was taken by Daesh.

According to the details of the incident provided, the shooter opened fire with an automatic weapon on a police van on the world-famous Parisian boulevard at around 9 pm, when the place was filled with locals and tourists. As soon as the gun shots were heard, people could be seen running from the location, trying to save their lives.

The shooter managed to kill an officer and injured two other police officers, just a few hundred meters from the Ar de Triomphe. As the shooter tried to flee on foot, police officers opened fire on him and managed to kill him on the spot.

Shortly after the shooting incident, Amaq, Daesh’s propaganda agency released a statement saying that the shooter was ‘one of the Islamic State’s fighters’.

The shooter has been identified as a 39-year-old Frenchman, who had a record with the anti-terror police department. After the incident, raids were conducted at his place in a suburb area east of Paris.

The shooter was arrested in February on suspicion of plotting to kill officers but he was released shortly after due to lack of evidence. In 2005, he had been convicted of three counts of attempted murder, with two of these against police officers.

Despite the security threat, the French elections are scheduled to take place as planned but it is not certain how this event will impact the voter turnout.