The plights and struggles of the trafficked and sexually abused women are normally ignored by the society. However, police in the Indian state of West Bengal are trying to correct an evil of the society by helping these women. These policemen are going beyond the call of duty by raising funds for the women that they rescue from sex traffickers, in order to help them get back to normal life.

“The girls are hardly literate, have no access to bank loans, and government schemes are not enough to sustain them in the long run,” said police officer Chandra Sekhar Bardhan, who is spearheading the programme in eastern India.

“We had to do something, even though it did not fall in the realm of our duties.”

According to reports, this scheme is the first of its kind in India and it has started with helping 22 rescued women singled out for rehabilitation. After the successful run of these 22 women, the police hope to reach out to a 100 more in order to create a model which can be replicated across the region.

The program will start off by the police tailoring the aid to the individual women, asking firms to fund their needs as a part of their corporate social responsibility. The women can choose what they want to do with their lives and which professions they want to pursue. One of the first group wants to set up a sewing business, another to drive her own taxi – anything rather than return to a life of poverty and unemployment.

According to an estimate, out of the 20 million commercial sex workers in India, around 16 million women and girls are the victims of sex trafficking. When these women are rescued, instead of leading a normal life, they are forced into depression because of their treatment by the society. With this program, the police aim to change that by empowering these women.