A young man from Gujar Khan killed three friends, over the belief that one of them was having an affair with his sister. The incident took place on Tuesday and since then the suspect has been apprehended by the police.

According to the details of the incident provided, four friends-19-year-old Muhammad Umar, 21-year-old Muhammad Shehbaz, 20-year-old Abdul Rehman and 20-year-old Badar Ali-were going back home after having tea at a local hotel in Gujar Khan on late Tuesday night.

During the walk back home down on Sarwar Hayyat Road, Shehbaz and Umer fell behind while the other two friends walked on. Finding the chance, Shehbaz pulled out his gun and killer Umer on the spot. He then proceeded to kill his other two friends who were walking ahead and had heard the gun shots.

After killing all three of his friends, Shehbaz went home and hid his 30 bore pistol, so that the police could not link the crime with him. He then returned to the crime scene and helped in shifting the bodies of the victims to a nearby hospital.

Initially, Shehbaz tried to mislead the police by saying that him and his friends had been confronted by a group of men who killed his friends while he managed to escape unhurt. However, when the police investigated the incident, they found gross discrepancies in his account.

When probed, Shehbaz confessed to his crime and told the police that he killed Umer because he was having an affair with his sister. He killed his other two friends because they had become witnesses to the crime.

Gujar Khan SHO Sheikh Qasim said that they had apprehended Shehbaz and even recovered the murder weapon from him. The police also found seven bullet casings from the crime scene.