Since the Karachi administration won’t do anything to mend the roads and structures of the city, the FixIt voluntary workers have taken it upon themselves to do that. The acitivists launched a fresh campaign to fix the potholes on Karachi’s Stadium Road.

According to the details provided, it has been two days since the team has been working to fill the potholes on Stadium Road and so far, they have covered most of them.

The founder of FixIt, Alamgir Khan spoke to the media on Sunday regarding the project, and explained why the team was undertaking this task.

Khan said that the government has done nothing for the people and the official keep sitting idle. Towards the end of their term, they make two roads and ask for votes. “This must stop now,” he stressed, adding “people should come to the front, consider this city their home and support us [improve the city]”.

He claimed, “We [FixIt campaigners] have no power yet we continue to work.” The government does nothing for the people but continues to order my arrest, he added.

Three female singers from Nigeria and Romania were also present on the occasion. Rosalina, Otilia and Latifah, who have come for an Atif Aslam concert, also came to the site to support the activists.

“Pakistan is a very beautiful country,” said one of the singers, “I am very happy to be here.” She remarked that she is happy that people are holding such drives to improve the lives of others.

Alamgir Khan shortly detained by the authorities on April 2, for staging a protest for the alleged misconduct of the police. He had staged the protest outside the Karachi press club but the police arrested him for violating the Section 144.