The Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) has finally decided to go after the gangs involved in illegal organ transplant business. FIA Deputy Director Jamil Ahmed recently appeared on a TV show explaining what the agency was doing about this issue and till now, the gangs which were already busted.

“A gang has been identified and there were many others who are performing this crime independently in Punjab, KPK and Kashmir,” he said in Geo News` show, Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath.

Ahmed said that this crime is such that it has a cross-border nature. Most of the customers of these gangs are living abroad, who have problems sourcing organs in their own countries. He said that this is a cross-border crime which is being operated by an international racket in the Middle East and Pakistan.

When asked why the FIA had not taken any action against these gangs which have been operating for years, he said that the agency was given the mandate just recently to act against these groups.

“FIA has only conducted one raid as the action was not under its purview before”, he added.

“FIA was not competent for cognizance, investigate and prosecute,” he claimed.

Raids were conducted against illegal organ transplant clinic in Lahore and Sialkot, as a result of which several doctors and their associates, were arrested for running this illegal business.

The FIA assistant director was also asked by the host of the show that what the agency had done to ensure that the arrested gang members aren’t released through pressure.

To this question, Ahmed replied; “We called the technical people after the raid, forensic experts, Punjab forensic science agency at the crime scene so that we could secure the evidence such as blood soaked clothes, DNA and tissues could be matched,” he added.

“The digital and forensic evidence have been secured on the scientific basis and the circumstantial evidence is also with us.

So far the FIA has arrested Dr Fawad, Dr Khalid, Dr Altamash and a main accused in this case named Abdul Majeed.