Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots are making news these days for all the wrong reasons. Another PIA pilot has been accused of endangering the lives of his passengers and risking security after he allowed an unauthorized foreign national into the cockpit during flight and landing.

According to the details of the incident provided, the pilot in question, Captain Shahzad Aziz, was flying a PIA flight PK-853 from Tokyo to Beijing earlier this week, when he invited a young Chinese woman into the cockpit.

The woman, who was not authorized to be in there, stayed inside the cockpit with the pilot and first officer for more than two hours. She came out of the cabin area only after the plane landed. During this time, there came a point when the woman was with the pilot alone in the cockpit as even the first officer came out.

A news reporter was on the same flight and he recorded the incident on his mobile phone. He later released the video clip to his news channel, after which it has been making rounds. In the video, the person is asking the Chinese woman why she was in the cockpit and whether she is a relative or a friend of the pilot.

The young woman declined to give any answers to the correspondent’s questions.

According to the law, unauthorized persons are now allowed into the cockpit at any time during the flight, as it is considered to be a safety hazard. In case anything goes wrong, the entire responsibility lies with the pilot and he also has to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the restricted area.

When PIA was contacted about the incident, the management said that they were trying to get in touch with the flight crew in order to get more details.