A teenage boy who was employed as a domestic help, lost his hand for the sole reason that he refused to feed the cattle. The horrific incident took place in Sheikhupura where the boy was employed by a family in the Wahiwala village, which owned cattle and other animals.

The Chief Justice of Pakistn took suo moto notice of the incident after it was reported in the local media. The CJP, Mian Saqib Nisar also directed Inspector-General of Police Punjab to submit a report on the issue within the next 48 hours.

The news was reported on Tuesday on local media and since then, it has been making rounds on the social media. According to reports, the teenage boy, identified as 13-year-old Muhammad Irfan, had been ordered by his employer Shafqat Bibi, to feed the cattle.

Since the boy was not given food and he was starving, he refused to obey these orders upon which Shafqat Bibi became enraged. As a way to punish Irfan, she put his hand in a fodder-cutting machine and chopped it off.

The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital but by the time he reached, it had already gotten very late and his hand could not be salvaged.

Irfan’s family said that their son had been employed at the house for Rs. 3000 per month and he was often mistreated. They went to file a First Information Report (FIR) but the police kept delaying it. By the time an FIR was finally registered, Shafqat Bibi had already gotten a pre-arrest bail.