An Indian woman was gang-raped and then brutally beaten to death by men who had abducted her earlier for their pleasure. The woman was initially gang-raped and later when she threatened to inform the authorities, her attackers smashed her skull with bricks after which she died.

The incident took place in Sonipat town and so far the police have arrested two suspects. Six other suspects are being investigated after the victim’s mother accused them of involvement in the rape case.

Superintendent of police, Ashwin Shenvi, who is investigating the case, told reporters that the victim was a 23-year-old laborer, who used to work in Sonipat. Her abductors captured her when she left for work and took her to the nearby city of Rohtak, where they raped her. According to reports, one of the suspects personally knew the victim, while the rest were his friends.

“When she said to them she would complain, they hammered her skull in with bricks,” he said. “The way that they brutalised her is horrific.” The body was found in an open field on Thursday.

The victim’s mother had previously registered a complaint against one of the accused for pressuring her daughter into marrying him. However, the disagreement was later settled between the two parties and there had been no complaints till the incident.

Such horrific incidents related to sexual violence against women, are very common in India. Even though Indian has enacted tougher jail sentences for rapists and promised to try the accused through ‘fast-track’ courts, but such crimes are still at an all-time high.